A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

  •  Choose one of three racers with unique parameters.
  • Complete 10 circles before your opponent does the same, and you are winner!
  • Track your damage points and try do not crash, otherwise you lose speed and headlights power.
  • Drop oil under your opponents wheels, it`s funny to see how he crash.
  • Out of oil? Wait until a canister will appear, this is your chance to replenish oil supply.
  • Headlights are one of the most important parts of game, watch for their brightness. If it gets low, you want be able to see an oil puddle.


Danila - game designer

Michael Larkin - programmer

Kirill Yagonev - 2d artist/animator

Evgeniya Shevchenko - 2d artist


Endless catch up (mac).zip 69 MB
Endless catch up (windows).zip 68 MB


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Wow! I'm really excited about the atmosphere of this simple game. Nice art